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“You have Scleroderma” three words said to me 13 years ago that would forever change my life!
Scero – what? Were my first thoughts until I learned more about this debilitating disease and what it meant for me and how it would affect my life. At fist it was the beginning stages of my diagnosis and dealing mostly with the Raynauds syndrome associated with scleroderma. Where the poor circulation to my fingers would cause my fingers to eventually self amputate over years of agony and chronic pain. It meant years of learning how to advocate for my health to find the best specialists, treatments and medications that worked for me while learning to trust my intuition and what my body needed. I had to live through many emotional and phycological stages; denial, anger and still more anger before finding myself in this new “normal” that works not only for me for my family as well.

All this while still learning to be a mother for the very first time, then second and finally deciding that 3 was enough and closed up shop! Being present as a wife, mom, sister and friend. So many versions until I knew that I needed to be present for myself above all else otherwise I could be nothing to anyone.

Three years ago I decided that I needed to come into a new version of myself like no other. I found a life coach and put in the work like I never had before. Stepping into my power and finding my purpose. Two years later, I received my own life coaching certification and started my own website
( www.theautoimmuneslayer.com) where I sell my F#!k Scleroderma merchandise, advocate for Scleroderma and blog (on Instagram) about my journey and life with scleroderma.

It may sound strange but I’m grateful to scleroderma for choosing me to help fellow warriors struggling with the disease or with other diseases. When I post things and have people reach out to me, telling me how much I’ve inspired them and given them hope that it is in fact possible to LIVE with this disease it not only makes my heart full it also heals me more than any medication ever will!

This is why I fight! This is why I continue to fight and continue to believe that no matter how hard this disease is, no matter how it has me on my ass some days, I know I’ll take the time I need to gain the strength to get back up because my warriors need me! My family needs me! And I need me to keep going because there’s so much more I need to do, be, feel and experience before I leave this life!

There are so many warriors out there that have it way worse than I do. So many warriors that don’t have the family/friends or even financial support. So this is why I give back in any way I can. To share the love, to share the support in any way I can.

To my beautiful fellow warriors out there, I hear you! I see you! I support you! And I love you! It’s not easy but nothing worth living for ever is. So keep fighting the good fight because it’s the bitter moments that are worth fighting for the sweet moments in between.

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