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Shakirat Abolurin

Shakirat Abolurin

When were you diagnosed and how were you impacted?
I was diagnosed in September of 2011 at the age of 19. Autoimmune disorder took a major toll on my body. At a point I lost mobility, I had to learn how to do the basic human things again. Walking right, making a fist, kneeling down to pick up things from the floor. I am grateful for the experience because it showed me what God cannot do does not exist.

• How did/has your life changed?
– It changed my life in a positive way. Made me appreciate the basic things in life, this experience brought my family closer to God than ever.

• What inspires you to thrive regardless of your diagnosis?
– God & my family. I was going to give up because doctors could not really pin point what was going on. They knew this was grave disease but we could not figure out the best way to manage it. My body was experiencing different changes and symptoms.

• What are you grateful for?
– I am grateful for God, my family and my church and doctors (Gospel faith mission International). The support, prayers and words of encouragement I received from the body of Christ gave me hope and reassurance that everything was going to be alright.

• What is your message to other warriors and the world?
– Rest your faith in God and you will not be disappointed. Remember that all thing works together for good. No matter how tough things might get you will surely overcome it.

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