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Hailey Decker

Hailey Decker

My name is Hailey Decker and I am 6 years old. Back in 2019 at the age of 4 my mom noticed that my hair, eyelashes and eyebrowswas were falling out rapidly. We were advised by my Primary Care Physician to see a Pediatric Dermatologist immediately to get some answers as to what was happeningto me. Unfortunately, during that visit I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis, an auto immune condition wherein your immune system attacks your hair follicles causing them to fall out partially or completely. In my case it was the latter. My family, especially my mommy was devastated! Therefore, out of fear of me being rejected, ridiculed and/or bullied by others she kept me in the house for several months…..away from everyone who wasn’t close family. But thankfully, she got past that stage and started helping me embrace my new normal.

Honestly, life hasn’t really changed drastically as my mother thought it would, since I am the only bald little girl in my school and my community.
Apart from the awkward stares I get in public places and when I initially meet someone…I still live a relatively normal life. I may have lost all of my hair but I did not in any way loose my self confidence. I’m just a little girl who is bold, brave, sassy and kind little black girl trying to live her best life….dressing fabulously along the way.

Through my social media platform I have been able to show the world that my beauty shines from within. I am unapologetically bald, bold and beautiful. Countless children and adults living with Alopecia have reached out to me, after visiting my page to inform me of how they’ve gained so much inspiration and strength to embrace themselves unapologetically. This inpires me to keep thriving……I don’t know who’s life I may impact positively by loving me with my “flaws” and all.

I am greatful that my family taught me that God did not make any mistakes on me…..I am perfect the way I am!

My message to other warriors is that a person’s physical characteristics/appearance should not be the determining factor of whether or not they live a happy life. It’s imperative that from an early age we learn to love and embrace our unique physical features which set us apart from others. This way as we grow older into adulthood, we will not need the validation of others to make us feel like we are enough!

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