Who We Are

iThrive is a tax-exempt non-profit with a mandate of helping individuals of autoimmune diseases see beyond their present reality by providing them with the knowledge and tools for living a complete life. We are passionate about leveraging the power of self-care for emotional and physical wellness.

Our Mission

By helping our community to enhance both personal and emotional wellbeing, we believe in supporting people who have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease Through self-care services and products, our mission is to provide invaluable support, love and assistance at a time when individuals need it most.

Our Founder

Fatmata Sankoh was born in Sierra Leone in West Africa. She and her parents moved to the United States when she was nine years old. In the summer before she commenced college, she started feeling severe pain and numbness around her entire body. Through the pain, she somehow managed to graduate college but then life took a turn. On some occasions, she would be forced to lay in one place for days. She couldn’t move, eat, or walk due to the severity of the pain she felt. There were days when she wished she wasn’t alivel all she wanted was for the pains to stop. No price was too steep to pay.

At first, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Many expensive tests later, she was then diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica; a condition that affects the spinal cord and the optic nerves. With the help of God and amazing doctors, she found her way to a research hospital, where she had access to cutting-edge treatment and expertise for free.

While all of this was happening, her life was falling apart. She lost her job, her relationship, and close friends. It was a very lonely process which affected her emotional wellness. By the grace of God, people supported her endlessly on both a financial, emotional and personal level. This marked the start of IThrive and the birth of a vision to support the autoimmune disease community.

Today, she can live a life of purpose. Her message is that there is life after diagnosis. Whatever you have been diagnosed with, you can still forge ahead. Your diagnosis is not the end, it could just be the beginning. It’s all up to you.


Our Name

The name iThrive was birthed from the experience of our founder. It embodies her journey from being diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica to being a blessing to others like herself. She wants everyone after being diagnosed with autoimmune disease to not give up on life. You are worthy of healing, you deserve to live life to the fullest, just like everyone else.

Our Logo

The feathers on our logo embody emotional and personal wellbeing. By starting within and healing the mind, we can then look outwards and heal ourselves holistically.

Our Board Of Directors

Our board of directors or better still, ‘world changers’ are all those who support our mission either via monetary donations, their service, or encouragement. We appreciate you and thank you!